Yakir LasryVP Customer Relations
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Beginning of quote:I love passionate customers. Some of our best ambassadors are people who were frustrated until we helped them so much that they became our top fans. End of quote.
Yakir manages all customer-facing activities at MyHeritage, which include sales and customer support.

Along with a strong foundation in sales, Yakir brings a sense of ingenuity to MyHeritage, shunning phrases like “industry standard” and preferring instead to reinvent systems in order to provide customers the best experience.

He got his start in sales at Memo Global, rising quickly to testing and researching new markets and methodologies, and ultimately spearheaded the creation of a call center to promote a new product.

In 2010, Yakir joined MyHeritage and single-handedly built the company’s call center. His high performance led to his promotion to head the customer support department as well, where he was responsible for significantly improving customer satisfaction, and developing processes and materials for optimizing the customer experience. Thanks to Yakir’s efforts, MyHeritage enjoys a stellar reputation among an expanding base of millions of satisfied users.

Yakir holds BBA and LLB degrees from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and when he’s not working, you can usually find him seeking thrills on the ice hockey rink or boxing ring, as a star player on the MyHeritage soccer team, or even BASE jumping off of cliffs.